B 40 W/C Bp Scrubber

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Customizable Compact Floor Scrubber

Kärcher’s B 40 W/C Bp battery-operated, walk behind scrubber is the most versatile, full-featured scrubber on the market. Customizable with either cylindrical roller brushes or disc pads, the B 40 W/C Bp provides cleaning paths of either 17 or 22 inches with a Tank-in-Tank system that gives the operator full access to the water recovery tank making the unit suitable for stripping floors and maintenance friendly.







  • Customize with your choice of roller brush head or traditional disc brush head
  • Large 10.6 gallon tank capacity provides long working times
  • 33.5" Squeegee width
  • Easy-to-use control panel with ability to program three custom cleaning programs to fit various surfaces or soil levels
  • Tool-free deck head changing allows the B40 W to be converted from a 17” scrubber to a 22” scrubber in a matter of minutes
  • Tank-in-tank system provides complete access to both the clean and recovery water tanks, making the unit maintenance-friendly and also means that the B40 is suitable for stripping floors

The B 40 is engineered for more efficient use of resources. Kärcher's Intelligent Key (KIK) system enables the facility manager to create a unique cleaning profile, making it easier to train users and operate the scrubber. The KIK system can be used to set varying levels of authorized access by means of three color-coded keys: yellow, grey, and red; for operators, facility managers and technicians, respectively. Facility managers can set parameters such as travel speed, brush speed, motor output or cleaning agent dosage to suit the needs of the cleaning task. An operator's key carries out the pre-determined settings, needing only to select their desired cleaning program from a rotary switch. As a result, only the required amount of energy and cleaning agent is used. This system practically eliminates operating errors.

The B 40 supports six different cleaning programs including eco!efficiencytm, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning setting, which is ideal for maintenance cleaning of most floors, and operates with a reduced motor output and a lower brush rotation speed.

The B 40's modular brush head can be removed in just three moves without using tools to enable easy changing of brush heads for different floor types and applications. When work is done, the dirty water tank can be cleaned easily with an optional rinsing system built into the lid, protecting the operator from splashes. Nozzles arranged in a ring in the tank lid ensure automatic and thorough cleaning. The lid can then be locked in place to air dry the tank. This greatly reduces the risk of microbial contamination and foul odors, making the B 40 suitable for hygienically sensitive areas too, such as food processing.

An optional Quick Fill In system connects the fresh water tank to a water source via a hose and stops automatically as soon as the maximum filling level is reached, so the operator can carry out other duties while the unit fills. Additional optional accessories such as a mop, cloths or detergent bottles can be fastened to various holders and hooks before starting to clean, or stowed in a box for small items, so they are always ready to hand.