DE 4002

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Commercial grade Steamer Kills Bedbugs

The DE 4002 Commercial Steamer provides unparalleled chemical free cleaning and sanitizing of even the most difficult surfaces and items, including the elimination of bed bugs. Utilizing Kärcher’s unique two-tank system that allows for continuous use and water replenishment,the DE 4002 can produce approximately 1,585 gallons (6,000 liters) of steam from its boiler capacity of only 1.2 gallons (4.6 liters) with a run time of up to 5 hours! The DE 4002 not only removes the most difficult soils from nearly any surface but it can be combined with a wide variety of accessories for other tasks such as stripping wallpaper, window cleaning, steam cleaning clothes and upholstery and chemical free cleaning of ovens and grills. The DE 4002 is ideal for use in schools, institutions, hotels, restaurants and building restoration.

The DE 4002's 248 degree F steam is the perfect way to chemically-free eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. This easily portable unit can treat sofas, chairs, furniture, mattresses, cabinets, walls and just about anywhere bed bugs hide. The DE 4002 steamer can also be used on carpets and is one of the best ways to treat baseboards, cracks and crevices.


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  • Filter funnel
  • Two tank system (boiler and refill tank) with transfer pump for continuous use
  • Short heat times
  • Dual boiler tank heating elements, 1,500 watt and 750 watt
  • 9 minutes to heat boiler tank
  • Optional transport cart

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