BV 11/1 Backpack Vacuum

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Commercial Grade Backpack Vacuum

The BV 11/1 Back Pack Vacuum combines a light-weight, durable design with a 1.7 HP vacuum motor to provide high suction performance with 4-stage filtration as an alternative to traditional canister vacuums; the BV 11/1 is ideal for use in cramped areas such as movie theaters, buses, trains, planes, offices and hotels. The BV 11/1 features a custom-designed harness that provides superior support and comfort over competitive models and reduced operator fatigue.


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  • Lightweight and comfortable harness system provides easier, fatigue-free cleaning
  • Power switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator
  • A kit of most-used tools comes standard with the machine
  • Quiet operation prevents disruptive cleaning
  • Large 10 quart capacity extends working times
  • 360 deg. swivel prevents tangling and kinking of the hose
  • Rugged molded polyethylene housing easily endures knocks and bumps associated with commercial cleaning tasks
  • Tool kit included simplifies any vacuuming job

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