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Xpert Gas-Powered, Portable On-Wheels Cold-Water

For Outdoor Cleaning
Up to 3500 PSI, 3.8 GPM
5, 6.5, 13, HP Engines

Kärcher’s Xpert series is an affordable professional-grade line of cold-water pressure washers. Powered by reliable Honda engines, Kärcher offers you your choice of 160CC (5 HP) units with axial pumps or 196CC (6.5 HP) and 389CC (13 HP) units with Kärcher crankcase pumps. These Xpert units feature commercial-duty guns and wands and come with downstream chemical injection, four hardened stainless steel quick-couple nozzles and feature 25 or 50-ft of contractor-grade hose rated for 4,000 PSI. The precision welded frames and pneumatic tires make these pressure washers easy to maneuver on any terrain yet they are compact enough to fit in the trunk of most cars.





  • Reliable Honda engines
  • Welded steel chassis
  • Ergonomic fatigue-free trigger gun
  • Pneumatic tires

Cold Water, Gas Engine