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Natural Gas Heated

Electric, Stationary-Cabinet - Classic

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Classic Electric-Powered, Cabinet-Style Hot-Water

For Indoor Cleaning
Up to 3000 PSI, 5 GPM
230V, 460V

Kärcher Classic cabinet-style, electric-powered hot water pressure washers provide extra efficiency. Heated by natural gas or liquid propane (LP) so they can be operated indoors and vented to the outdoors.

Kärcher’s Classic series models with European technology come with the technological advancements of German engineering that have made Kärcher famous around the globe. such as 4-pole, water cooled motor, pulsation dampening system, complete trigger shut-off, and automatic injection of RM-110 scale inhibitor.

These extremely efficient hot water pressure washers can be fitted with remote operating stations similar to a centralized wash system, yet without the high cost.





  • 4-pole water-cooled motor
  • Industrial-grade axial pump
  • Total machine shut-down at the trigger
  • ETL certified, many safety features
  • Pulsation dampening system
  • Automatic injection of RM-110 scale inhibitor

Electric-Powered, Gas-Heated, Stationary Cabinet - Liberty


Welcome to Kätcher Commercial

Liberty Electric-Powered, Gas-Heated, Stationary Cabinet - Liberty

For Indoor Cleaning
Up to 3000 PSI, 4.8 GPM
230V, 460V, 575V

Kärcher's electric-powered, natural gas heated models are often installed indoors for weather and temperature protection but used to clean outdoors with an extended hose or remote operating station. The fuel costs means these hot water pressure washers are among the most cost-efficient to operate.

Kärcher’s Liberty series of the stationary or cabinet hot water pressure washers pack cleaning power of up to 3000 PSI and yet fit within a small footprint. The 10 models are driven by industrial belt-drive, high-pressure Kärcher crankcase-style pumps with 7-year warranty and feature half-inch Schedule 80 heating coils






  • High-efficiency burner with standing pilot
  • Industrial belt-drive Kärcher crankcase-style pump with 7-year warranty
  • ETL certified, many safety features
  • 1/2" Schedule 80 heating coil
  • Power-coat paint protection

Hot Water, Natural Gas Heated

Electric-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers are among the most popular hot water models because they are economical and offer the flexibility of indoor or outdoor cleaning.

Gasoline-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers are rugged and self-contained, so all you need is water. Ideal for on-site cleaning.

Diesel-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers are self-contained for on-site cleaning with the added benefit of needing only one type of fuel to power the equipment and heat the water.

Hot Water, Natural Gas Heated