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Cold Water, Electric Motor

Kärcher offers a broad selection of commercial cold water pressure washers with the power and technology to meet every high-pressure cleaning need. Let your local Kärcher dealer for pricing help you create a customized high-pressure cleaning solution perfect for you. Kärcher cold water pressure washer models include:

Electric-Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers have gained in popularity because of their economical advantage and flexibility of indoor and outdoor cleaning.

Gasoline-Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers are built to withstand even the toughest cleaning job. Plus, they’re mobile, easy to maneuver and self-contained so all you need is water – ideal for outdoor cleaning.

Diesel-Powered Cold Waters Pressure Washers are self-contained for on-site cleaning and are ideal for job sites where the diesel supply is more plentiful than gasoline.

Cold Water, Electric Motor